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Prepare Your Home for Life’s Storms

These days are, to quote Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, “cold, and dark, and dreary; it rains, and the wind is never weary.” For Michiganders, hunkered down as tempests blow across the state, winter days are demanding: temperatures harsh, west winds biting. For weeks to come, hardened residents will endure severe storms that transport an excess of snow across their homes and property. People will, following these storms, often walk around their houses to inspect for damage. In so many ways, winter takes a heavy toll, but, unfortunately, even as the season concludes, Mother Nature is not done.

As temperatures begin to rise, and the land and air warm, months of accumulated snow begin to melt. Once again, Longfellow painfully reminds: “Into each life some rain must fall.” As the melting waters swirl around homes, looking for entrance, any crack or crevice to do their damage, homes across the state will suffer. It is at this time homeowners will truly know whether they have done enough to prevent flooding in their basements. Did they take some or all of the steps below?

  1. Cleaning gutters. Fall is the perfect time to attend to a home’s integrity. While there are many items on a fall to do list, one is cleaning gutters. Of utmost importance is clearing the gutters of sticks, accumulated leaves, bird nests, rodents, insects, and any other debris. Gutters that become clogged with all of these items can lead to serious consequences to homes. They can even damage houses structurally. Why? Because when gutters and downspouts are blocked, rainwater may not be able to drain as needed. Then, water will begin overflowing the gutters and pouring down into unintended areas. Repetitive water drainage of this sort can cause damage both within and outside the home, even leading to foundation damage.
  2. Taking care of foundations and roofs. Once gutters become obstructed, rainwater cannot drain to its intended and safe destination. When gutter water cannot flow away from a home, it will begin to pool around the home and its foundation. Then, when this pooled water begins to freeze over the winter and then contract and expand repeatedly, the foundation can begin to crack. Over the winter months, several cracks and fissures may appear, and structural integrity diminishes. Further, when gutters are congested, water can flood over the roof. As water floods repeatedly, the roof may leak and eventually rot. This becomes an extremely expensive problem to solve! No one wants to incur the expense of repairing a roof or installing a new one. So, it is worth the time and effort to keep gutters clear and roofs intact.
  3. Addressing poorly insulated foundations. Many things lead to basement flooding and damage: as mentioned, clogged gutters, but also improper yard drainage, inordinate amounts of snow and rain, and sewer backups. Flooding also may be caused by gradual water damage on the exterior of the home, an abundance of water spilling down from the roof and pooling due to powerful rainstorms, the spring snowmelt, and leaking around windows. A problem with windows can be caused by weather damage over time in addition to issues within concrete.

    All of these problems also can affect a home severely if one’s foundation isn’t properly and fully insulated. A poorly insulated foundation is the leading cause of basement flooding. Once this occurs, a homeowner will need to make repairs and take steps to prevent flooding in the future. They will need to locate leaks near their basement windows and cracks and fissures in the foundation. Then, the cracks will need to be repaired and insulation installed to waterproof the foundation.

    This is a serious issue as floodwaters entering the home will cause a variety of damage. A homeowner can expect harm to carpet, drywall, wood, and more. Water in the basement also can lead to mold, which can be quite serious, harmful to health, and even life threatening.

    Pinpointing leaks, repairing cracks, and installing waterproofing foundation is best left to experts. These are not simple tasks, and they are extremely important. Water damage can be extensive and expensive, so homeowners should not take chances; they need to contact the experts: Rock Foundations of Fenton, Michigan. Rock Foundations employs highly trained professionals with years of experience in preventing and solving basement flooding. Rock Foundations has served the Fenton area and nearby communities for years. They are prompt, reliable, knowledgeable, and highly skilled, receiving high praise from customers for their outstanding service.

  4. Properly waterproofing or damp-proofing the home. The experts at Rock Foundations should be called immediately when damage occurs; however, it’s best to avoid flooding in the first place. For many years, it has been required of homes throughout Michigan that proper waterproofing or damp-proofing products be installed. Not only walls should contain water or damp-proofing products, but the drain tile systems at the footers of the walls also should contain these products. Unfortunately, older houses have problems in this regard. Some homes were never water or damp-proofed. For others, over time, the coating may have broken down, and this degradation led to water entering homes and causing the damage mentioned above. In some older homes, water and damp-proofing products diminished so much over time that there is no product left.

People with older homes should inspect their basement walls, crawl spaces, and drain tile systems. If anything seems amiss, they should immediately contact Rock Foundations. Regardless of its cause, basement flooding is a serious issue that should be prevented or dealt with immediately should it occur. This type of repair requires expertise: highly skilled Rock Foundations. Homeowners should not gamble with the integrity of their homes only to discover the problems and resulting severe damage after the fact. Thus, a thorough inspection by Rock Foundations is required. They will assess the situation and determine the needs of the basement and the necessary water and damp-proofing products, which they will then install and solve the problem.

So, even though the days are dark and dreary, “behind the clouds is the sun still shining.” Spring is on its way with sun and warmth but also water – lots of water! Be prepared and also know that Rock Foundations is just a phone call away. With this knowledge, homeowners can truly enjoy the change in season.


When homeowners contact Rock Foundations, their problems will be resolved by trained and experienced staff. They will visit the home promptly and expertly evaluate the situation. They will assess the specific foundation cracks and other issues like shifting chimneys, leaning walls, moisture, mold, and slight grades to floors. These professionals will then offer homeowners advice on the best course of action. Their plan will resolve the problems effectively and efficiently. It may involve Rock Foundations’ epoxy injection system that penetrates cracks. This injection process slowly fills crevices and cracks with a strong, durable substance. The damage to the home may be structural. A structurally comprised home risks serious problems. Therefore, the situation will require a strong material; epoxy is the superior choice. By filling in the cracks and crevices, homeowners can be assured that their foundations are protected against further water invasion and increased cracking. This method ensures that all cracks will remain filled for years to come. The workmanship of Rock Foundations is quick, masterful, and professional. Rock Foundations is the area expert in evaluating and repairing foundations and basements.

So, if homeowners are concerned that one of their prized possessions – their homes – is experiencing any of these issues, they must not delay. They should call Rock Foundations – the leader in all foundation issues. Winter should be a time of family fun and a safe, cozy home. Therefore, people should put their homes in order and their minds at ease: Contact the Rock Foundation experts today.

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