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Concrete Wall Installation and Pouring in Fenton, MI!

At Rock Foundation, Concrete walls are our bread and butter.

We have several crews pouring walls and foundations each and every day.   Due to their repetition, our staff is highly skilled at pouring you the foundation to last for generations.   

Strength and Stability

There’s a lot of pride that comes when we take off the concrete forms and see walls that are straight where they are suppose to be straight and curved where they should be curved.  We feel that pride daily, because it’s what we do and we are the best at it.  Whether the walls are above or below ground, the strength and stability are there.  You can count on your foundation built by Rock Foundations.

Permanence & Immovability

We build walls up to 20’, using wood forms and the new aluminum forming systems.  Using these forms, we can go high or match any configuration your architect demands.  We also build large retaining walls that will keep earth in place and out of your hair.  The bottom line is that these walls eventually will be covered by dirt and/or dry wall and you will forget how they looked at the beginning of the building process.  What you will remember and know is the feeling of permanence and immovability our poured walls give.  You will drive down the street and see, with gratification, the project you brought to the finish line and know it will be there for many more tomorrows.

Go With Rock

Please contact us to email your plan. Once we’ve reviewed it, we will provide you with a clear, concise estimate in a timely manner and answer all your questions professionally.  The word in the industry is “Go with Rock.”  They will keep you on time and you can’t match their precision anywhere.  Ask around.  We are proud members of the Home Builders Association of SE Michigan.

Home Builders Association of Southeastern Michigan

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