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A Water-Filled Spring Can Lead to Homeowner Woes

For Michiganders living under umbrellas and constantly scooping water off decks, awnings, and flower pots, the upcoming forecast is welcome news. Drier and warmer weather is on the horizon. Yes, the state will still experience some rainfall, but it is forecasted to be on the lighter side. Drier days are ahead.

Unfortunately, though, the damage inflicted by days of heavy rain is not over. As residents transitioned through the seasons, they experienced isolated storms and significant rainfalls. The standing water created by inches of rain has caused significant problems for many homes and especially their foundations.

Water can have a serious impact on homes, affecting them in a variety of ways; one is harming foundations and basements. The seriousness of the damage depends upon the type of foundation. When there are heavy rainfalls and water collects, it seeps into foundations, which are concrete and porous. Thus, they absorb water easily and quickly. Further, the rain will find its way into a foundation’s cracks. Rainfall after rainfall, water enters and enlarges these cracks, which ultimately erodes the foundation. This also creates settling that can lead to other issues throughout homes such as cracks in walls, floors, and ceilings as well as gaps in doorframes and between walls and ceilings. Also, doors and windows may begin to stick and become difficult to open and close.

Serious rainfalls also can lead to soil erosion. As standing water collects and grows, it impacts the soil near the foundation. Soil becomes saturated and increases in weight. Waterlogged soil can cause shifting and even sinking. This type of damage does not occur overnight, but its effects will ultimately be visible. The result can be shifting that might lead to misalignment throughout the home. Doors, windows, and walls can become slightly crooked. Further, the home also might experience plumbing issues as pipes shift or become damaged.

Another issue caused by pronounced rain is foundation heaving. When soil around the foundation is waterlogged, there can be an upward movement of the soil. This happens because drier soil attracts water. This increases expansion when the soil’s surface area enlarges. Nearby trees also impact heaving as well as other types of neighboring vegetation. Their roots spread throughout the area and move out soil, and this too can lead to heaving.

However, once the water drains away and the soil dries, another problem can occur: subsidence. This is the opposite of heaving. When the dirt dries and thus shrinks, a home’s foundation can shift downward. This might lead to various depressions and cracking around the foundation. Another telltale sign of a soil problem is when a chimney tilts or leans. This problem is the result soil under the footings. It is not adequate to maintain the chimney.

So, how to prepare for sustained rainfalls? First, homeowners should make sure their gutters are functionally properly. Gutters must be cleared of all debris: branches, nests, leaves, etc. Further, every home should have a waterproofing system. An effective system will prevent standing water from making its way into homes. Additionally, homes should have the proper grading. Landscaping should slope away from a home and not towards it. Homeowners should aim for landscaping that is at least six inches below the top of their foundations. When many homes were constructed, the grading was most likely correct. However, over time, soil began to shift and settle. It also settled lower than its surrounding soil. So, water will pool in the depression around the foundation and settle into the soil. When this occurs, it is time to regrade the yard or alter the landscaping more significantly. However, even with all of these precautions and actions, sustained rain and standing water can cause damage that requires expert intervention.

In such cases, homeowners should turn to Rock Foundations of Fenton, Michigan, the best foundation company in the area. Rock Foundations has been in business for years, proudly and expertly serving thousands of satisfied customers. When homeowners contact them, the professionals at Rock Foundations will immediately visit the home, analyze the situation, diagnose the problem, and perform the needed solutions. A damaged foundation is not to be overlooked; it is a serious situation requiring considerable knowledge, skill, and experience. Analyzing and repairing foundations is best left to the professionals at Rock Foundations. A home is only as secure as its foundation. When a foundation has been breached, all kinds of serious damage can occur, even issues like mold that can cause health problems. Therefore, professionals are essential to repair and maintain a home’s integrity.

Now that the most impactful rains are behind us – at least for the predicted near future – homeowners should inspect the soil around their homes as well as their gutters, landscaping, and foundations. They should check for heaving and subsidence, cracks, especially those that are widening, and misaligned windows and doors throughout their homes. Homeowners also should check for basement walls that bulge and other foundation settling issues. Cracked brickwork and uneven floors can be sure signs of foundations problems. Other signs to look for are areas in which the foundation is moving inwardly as well as buckling and bowing. If homeowners notice any of these signs, they should contact Rock Foundations right away. These are all signs that point to the need for a professional response.

Rock Foundations will take the necessary steps to correct all problems: repair cracks with caulk, water-resistant epoxy, polyurethane injection, or hydraulic cement. They might need to install foundation piers to stabilize a foundation. Also, the soil around the home might need correcting.

Rock Foundations can replace soil and position it appropriately as well as create proper drainage. A home also might require waterproofing. Rock Foundation has been conducting such preparation and repair work for years and is the best company to call to fix problems and secure a home.

There is a children’s saying: “Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day.” It seems that adults all across Michigan also might be singing this tune. However, hopefully, the major rains are behind us, and warm, sunny days are ahead. Homeowners can rest easy and enjoy summer when they call Rock Foundations. A safe home is a happy home, which creates a happy season for all.

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