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Secure Your Home as Autumn Beckons

“Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.” – John Ruskin

The English writer and philosopher John Ruskin, who pondered many topics, including the environment, concluded that there is no bad weather. Good can be found in every season, in every natural expression. And while there is truth to this, the fact is bad weather can affect us negatively and can be harmful to human beings and their dwellings. So, if people are going to be able to enjoy fall, winter, and many upcoming exhilarating experiences, they also need secure homes.

Spelling the word AUTUMN, here are six ways homeowners can prepare their homes and foundations for the fall and winter months to come.

A: Analyze the home’s water drainage systems. Homes that experience larger amounts of water than normal pooling around their exteriors are in danger. A certain amount of water is normal. However, excessive water can create damage to a home’s foundation. As the amount of water grows, eventually it will work its way underneath the home’s slab. Further, this pooling water might also seep beneath the beams. If this occurs, the structure of the home may be weakened, causing considerable damage to the home. Therefore, fall is the perfect time for homeowners to analyze the amount of water around their homes to determine areas of excessive moisture and places where water doesn’t drain quickly or properly. If homeowners detect any of these problems and have concerns about water damage, they should contact Rock Foundations of Fenton, Michigan. When it comes to foundation analysis, issues, and repair, Rock Foundations is the best in the area as they are foundation experts. Once called, Rock Foundations will quickly visit the home, analyze the situation, and create an action plan for addressing any problems. The structural integrity of a home is crucial to its safety and security. So, rather than diagnosing and attempting to repair serious issues themselves, homeowners should contact Rock Foundations of Fenton.

U: Understand that debris can cause many problems, so homeowners should work diligently to remove all debris and also what is causing debris to pile up. For example, over the course of spring and summer, downspouts and gutters will become jammed with all variety of debris: insects, nests, leaves, sticks, and more. When this occurs, the downspouts and gutters become clogged; thus, water will not drain as it should. Rather than follow the planned and appropriate path, water will instead spill over the gutter haphazardly. Then, around the foundation, excess water will accumulate and begin pooling. As mentioned above, excess water can wreak havoc on a home. Also, downspouts tend to shift over time or even come loose. Homeowners need to understand that clogged gutters and misplaced downspouts are serious issues. Thus, they need to inspect all downspouts, make sure they are connected, in the correct area, and are removing water safely away from the home at a proper distance. Understanding all of this and taking the necessary precautions and actions will keep foundation issues from occurring. However, if it appears foundation damage has taken place, homeowners should immediately contact Rock Foundations.

T: Take heed to encapsulate crawl spaces. The crawl space is an often-overlooked area in most homes. Yet, crawl space issues can impact homes in various ways. Thus, it is quite important that homeowners make sure their crawl spaces are well insulated. Further, the crawl space should be conditioned so as to prevent cold floor issues in the home. Additionally, a crawl space that is well conditioned will lower heating costs as well as diminish moisture build up in the spring and summer. To correctly encapsulate a crawl space, homeowners need to make sure it is fully insulated with controlled ventilation. Vapor barriers are also important. A vapor barrier, which is also known as a vapor retarder, is made of plastic or foil. It is a sheet used for damp proofing so that moisture does not build in crawl spaces as well as floors, walls, and roofs. Further, if homeowners notice that their homes are chillier than expected during cold weather, they should take heed to inspect their crawl spaces and undertake the necessary steps. If, however, there are crawl space issues that are serious, homeowners should contact Rock Foundations. Some crawl spaces issues should be addressed by the professionals.

U: Utilize the overall expert services of Rock Foundations. Autumn is the perfect time to contact Rock Foundations for a foundation checkup that is conducted by their highly trained and skilled employees. These dedicated professionals have devoted their careers to fixing water issues and preventing them from occurring with expertly installed foundations. Having served Fenton and the surrounding area for years, Rock Foundations is known as the best in the business. Customers remark that Rock Foundations is a prompt, reliable, knowledgeable, and highly skilled company. So, now that autumn is here, people should utilize the knowledge and expertise of Rock Foundations. Call them for an inspection, to analyze any issues, and to provide necessary damp-proofing products. When Rock Foundations visits a home, they will provide a thorough inspection of drain tile systems, crawl spaces, and basement walls. Fall is a great time to contact the experts!

M: Masonry needs attention. Autumn is also a great time to attend to a home’s masonry needs. Most homes have concrete, whether it is in the driveway, walkways, steps, or patios. So, homeowners should make sure they are protected. A concrete sealer is a great way to protect all masonry. Unfortunately, all concrete will eventually crack, but inspecting it and sealing it will prevent water from seeping in and making problems worse. If water is allowed to seep into cracks in driveways, walkways, and patios, it will freeze in the winter, causing cracks to widen and worsen. So, homeowners should attend to their masonry via a quick spray sealant or a roll-on sealant.

N: Notice cracks and gaps. While homeowners are inspecting their houses this autumn, they should look for cracks and gaps in the sheetrock. As they check the exterior brick of their homes, homeowners should be on guard for serious cracks. Small cracks or hairline cracks are not worrisome. Larger cracks – 1/8 of an inch or more – are a cause for concern and might indicate more serious problems. Therefore, as homeowners take stock of their homes’ condition heading into the colder months, they should look for cracks and watch them over time to see if they are growing. Taking photos of the cracks is a good idea to see if the cracks worsen. Also, another good idea is measuring cracks. Homeowners can keep a log of the sizes of the cracks from fall to spring. If homeowners become aware of serious or growing cracks, especially in the home’s exterior, they should contact Rock Foundations. Large cracks can signify large problems. Rock Foundations will inspect a home’s cracks and make repairs where they are needed.

John Ruskin may be right that all weather is actually good weather depending on perspective. However, water, freezing temperatures, and home damage are far from good or exhilarating. Therefore, to keep homes safe and secure, homeowners should attend to their homes in a variety of ways. That way, autumn and the ensuing winter can just be different kinds of good weather with no bad results.

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