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Dream a Little Dream – with Help from Rock Foundations

Wanda always dreamed of buying a home on a lake. As a child, she spent hours swimming, boating, fishing, and playing with friends on a large and lovely lake. So, later in life, she often mentioned her dream to her husband. Over the years, they searched for their dream home. Finally, the right property presented itself. However, lake homes are expensive, so attempting to purchase one at a reasonable price often means purchasing a home with various issues. Yet, for many, that is the price a buyer must pay if they wish to obtain a lake home in today’s market.

Wanda and her husband Ken fell into that category. While the property and view of the lake was outstanding, the house itself was not. It was built in the 1970’s and had not undergone many needed renovations, unfortunately. So, it stood to reason that there would be problems. The home inspector’s report wasn’t terrible, but it did mention some issues, especially with regards to water and foundation cracks. Wanda and Ken went ahead and purchased the home. Soon after, they did the right thing: They called Rock Foundations of Fenton, Michigan.

Having served Fenton and surrounding areas for years, Rock Foundations is known as the best in the business with regards to footings, creating foundations for new homes, and pouring walls, waterproofing products/systems and installation, trenching, crack repair, and more.

The company has over forty-six years of experience in southeast Michigan. When you add in the experience of their crew foremen, the company has 136 plus years of varied experience. Specifically, Rock Foundations handles projects in Genesee, Oakland, Macomb, Wayne, Washtenaw, Livingston, Shiawassee, Ingham, and Saginaw Counties. This outstanding company has the reputation of being prompt, reliable, knowledgeable, and highly skilled. They employ experts and provide a variety of products to make and keep homes safe and secure.

Wanda called Rock Foundations and scheduled an inspection. Unlike many other companies, Rock Foundations scheduled an immediate appointment, which is great news for someone who just purchased an older home. One of the first things Rock Foundations did was analyze the home’s water drainage system. After inspecting the home, the experts noticed large amounts of water pooled around the exterior of the home in several places. The water seemed to be seeping into and under the home’s slab. This is a serious problem and can cause severe damage to a home. Rock Foundations also was concerned that the water was seeping below the home’s beams. The company did a thorough analysis and provided a plan of action to make the necessary changes to correct the drainage problem and secure the home.

Additionally, as the Rock Foundation experts were inspecting the grounds, they noticed several problems with debris. The home’s downspouts and gutters were clogged with sticks, leaves, nests, and more, and water was not draining out into the yard property correctly. Instead, water was pouring over the gutters at inappropriate places, causing water accumulation along the home. Also, a few of the home’s downspouts were missing, unattached, or at the wrong angle. Again, this leads to water being directed to the wrong areas, which can cause issues. Rock Foundations advised the homeowners what steps to take with regards to cleaning gutters and fixing downspouts.

The company also noticed some issues with concrete. The driveway, walkway, and patio all had cracks. Concrete will eventually crack, but inspecting it and sealing it will prevent water from seeping in and making problems worse. If water is allowed to seep into cracks in driveways, walkways, and patios, it will freeze in the winter, causing cracks to widen and worsen. So, Rock Foundations made a plan to repair all cracks.

Also, unfortunately, in a few areas along the home’s exterior, the accumulation of water over time was causing some cracks in the home’s foundation. Rock Foundations found cracks and gaps in the sheetrock. Some fissures were larger cracks: 1/8 of an inch or more – definitely a cause for concern. Rock Foundations drew up a plan to correct those cracks of varying sizes. Whether cracks are small or large, they can cause serious damage to the house: decaying foundation, mold, shifting of the house, and uneven window frames, doorways, and ceilings, and more. Finally, Rock Foundations inspected the drain tile system and crawl space. They did not see any issues with these home areas.

When the inspection was complete, Rock Foundations made a final analysis and determined all the steps needed in order for the home to be repaired and become highly functional. They presented the couple with a detailed list of concerns and the plan to address them – all in a timely manner.

Wanda and Ken knew they had made the right decision in contacting Rock Foundations. The issues confronting them were best left to experts. Rock Foundations employs dedicated professionals who are expert at fixing water issues and preventing them from occurring with expertly installed foundations. Rock Foundations also provides the necessary damp-proofing products and systems and can repair all cracks. The company offers a variety of services that meet the needs of many in the Fenton, Michigan, area and far beyond.

Said one online reviewer: “Bill and Jeff (of Rock Foundations) came out to our home today to repair a few cracks in our concrete block foundation. They were knowledgeable, professional, and extremely thorough. They were friendly and cleaned up after themselves before they left. Their work looks outstanding, and I feel so relieved to know our basement is completely repaired and waterproof again. I very highly recommend this company!”

Wanda and Ken also highly recommend Rock Foundations. The couple’s dream was coming true, and Rock Foundations can be credited for making sure it stayed a dream and not a nightmare. An older home on a great piece of property is sought by many. However, older homes can present problems. But they don’t need to stay that way. With Rock Foundation on your side, your dream home will be all you dreamed of as well as safe and secure for years to come.

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