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A Guide to Concrete Footings

Solid footings are essential to a strong foundation. They ensure the durability of the foundation and prevent it from settling. However, when it comes to footings there are various types to choose from. Knowing what type is best for your building and soil type is key to avoiding issues down the round.

If you are not familiar with footings, they are made when concrete is poured over reinforced steel in an excavated trench. When installing footings it is always important to hire an expert, like those at Rock Foundations, so they can assess the soil conditions and determine the proper depth and width of the footings.

Want to know more about the various footing types? Below are three great options you may want to consider for your next project.


If you live in an area that experiences ground freezing, then you are probably familiar with t-shaped footings. This type is footing made when a small section of concrete is poured below the frost line.

Then a concrete wall is built above it, providing extra support at the bottom. This option has become the standard predominately in the north.



Slab-on-gradeUnlike t-shaped footings, a slab-on-grade footing is made with a single layer of concrete and works great in areas where the ground does not freeze. To create this type of footing you simply pour the concrete thicker at the edges of the initial installation. If you are interested in using slab-on-grade footings but live in a colder environment, no problem. You can also adapt the footings with insulations for added warmth.


Frost ProtectedLast but not least, there are frost protected footings. These footings work best when they are used with heated structures because are not designed primarily for the cold. They are made when two sheets of insulation, one on the outer wall and one at the base, are laid out on a substance like gravel. The layers help prevent freezing by holding heat in the ground under the footings – keeping the temperature above freezing.

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