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Make Your Holidays Truly Happy with a Safe, Secure Foundation


Nancy and her daughter Beth, both master gardeners with Phd’s in Horticulture, were working outside late November prepping Nancy’s flower beds for winter. While Nancy searched for diseased plants and some invasive species to remove, Beth pruned the perennials and replenished the mulch for the cold months to come.

Then, while Nancy was kneeling down, planting a few cover crops, she noticed a large crack spreading horizontally across her foundation. She pulled back the branches of an Emerald Green Arborvitae and examined her home’s foundation more closely. What she saw concerned her. There was a large, zig zagging crack as well as some protruding bricks. Some of the bricks also were cracked.

“Hey, Beth, come take a look at this and tell me what you think.”

Beth walked across the garden and knelt down beside her mom.

“Oh, wow, mom. This doesn’t look good. That crack is quite large. And look at all the smaller cracks and the bricks sticking out. I definitely think you need to have this looked at.”

“But it’s practically winter,” Nancy said. “I’m sure winter isn’t a good time to have these repairs made.”

“That’s not really true, mom. We had some foundation issues a few winters back, and our foundation company, Rock Foundations of Fenton, said winter is a good time to make repairs because the foundation is more stable. Also, you really don’t want to wait, do you? Think how bad the crack could get if you let it go until spring? And look at those holes. I sure hope you don’t have mice getting in.”

“You’re right! I’m calling Rock Foundations when I head in. I’ve heard good things about that company. Rock Foundations repaired my neighbor’s house, and they were really pleased with the results.”

Later that day, Nancy called Rock Foundations, one of the best foundation companies in the area, and they set up an immediate appointment. Rock Foundations is known for being prompt and extremely responsive. When homeowners are facing serious threats to their homes’ integrity, they need a caring company like Rock Foundations.

The next day Rock Foundations was at the home, fully inspecting the foundation, analyzing the issues, proposing a repair plan, and ultimately fixing the cracks. First, the smaller fissures and cracks had to be sealed using mortar and also foam that fills the cracks as it expands. The larger crack also had to be filled and sealed, and Rock Foundations carefully inspected that area to determine what was causing that crack to grow and spread and well as making the bricks protrude. It could be soil settling or problems with the home’s beams. No matter the problem, Rock Foundations is the best company in the area to handle foundation problems.

Rock Foundations also noticed that some bricks had popped out, called spalling. They explained to Nancy that this can occur for several reasons, like poor manufacturing and tuck-pointing and moisture and water entry. Moisture can get trapped in bricks, which are porous, and behind bricks. When this happens, and the temperatures drop, the water trapped inside of the bricks will freeze. This freezing process will cause the water to expand. Over time, the pressure of the frozen and expanded water will grow and cause bricks to pop and break. This repetitive cycle of water freezing and thawing will continue worsening the problem.

To fix the spalling, Rock Foundations recommended tuck-pointing. However, it also recommended putting a coat of sealant over the home. A waterproof sealant will protect the home and keep moisture from seeping back into the bricks. Further, poor quality bricks can be replaced with new bricks of superior quality.

Further, Beth thought she noticed what were rodent holes in the foundation. Rock Foundations took a good look at that problem, also. They noticed rodent droppings and some nesting material. Additionally, there were dried plants and torn paper visible near the holes. These are all clues of a rodent problem. These holes needed to be filled as well with either mortar or foam. It takes the experts, Rock Foundations, to truly notice all of the issues facing a foundation and then solve them.

While Rock Foundations was at the home, it made a thorough inspection of the basement and crawlspace. It looked for standing water, rodent issues in those spaces, any signs of mold, and any indication of moisture. All of these are signs of serious problems that must be deal with quickly. Rock Foundations will undertake a complete inspection and inform homeowners of any concerns.

While inspecting Nancy’s home, Rock Foundations did notice signs of rats or mice. There was urine and feces along the inner basement wall, chewed insulation, and droppings. This made it all the more apparent that the foundation had been breached and needed to be made secure. Rodents can inject diseases into the home through their bodily fluids and waste. Hantavirus and Tularemia are two diseases rodents carry as well as pests like ticks. So, while many homeowners would notice large cracks occurring on their foundations, they might not know to look for small holes. Mice can squeeze through a hole as small as ¼ inch, so small holes are indicative of a rodent problem. It is best to call Rock Foundations and let the experts do the inspection and make repairs.

Last, while Rock Foundations was inspecting Nancy’s home, it noticed some eavestroughs that were congested with leaves, sticks, and other debris. This is a problem. Water can back up, enter the home, or freeze and cause ice dams. They can damage the roof and cause even more water to back up and flow into the home and not away into an appropriate area. Rock Foundations explained all this to Nancy and recommended a thorough inspection and cleaning of her home’s gutters.

People might think that winter is not a good time for a home inspection and to make repairs. However, it is important not to let problems fester and grow into even worse issues. When spring arrives and the snow and ice melt, the thawing water can enter the home through the cracks and holes. This causes even more damage to the home’s exterior and interior. There is no need to wait. Rock Foundations can make repairs any time during the winter months. So, homeowners should take this time to do some inspecting and call Rock Foundations if anything seems amiss. With Rock Foundations of Fenton, Michigan, on the job, every home will be secure, and the holidays truly will be jolly.

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