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Happy Holidays and A Year of Good Advice in Review!

We at Rock Foundations would like to wish you the happiest of holidays! From everyone here, we hope you experience peace, joy, and happiness this festive season and all of 2022!

It’s hard to believe another year is ending, with a new year close at hand. New year’s eve is always a wonderful time of looking forward to new possibilities but also a good time to reflect on the past year. To that end, Rock Foundations would like to recap the advice we have dispensed all year long to help your home stay safe and secure for your loved ones.

Everyone knows the famous song “12 Days of Christmas” that was published in 1909 by Frederic Austin. It is a cumulative song, with each verse building on the previous verses. Each verse describes a gift. In this Rock Foundation’s version, we will look back on each of the 12 months of home advice – our gift to you!

January: On the First Month of 2021 . . .

In order for a home to be a safe and even lucrative investment, it requires common-sense features like expertly installed footings and foundations. The strength of a home is its foundation. The primary purpose is to maintain structural integrity: to keep a home standing upright, level, and stable. If people build or purchase homes on poor foundations, the structures above them might never be sound. Most likely, improving the foundations will result in significant expense.
If the foundation is unsound – has shifted, settled, or sank in locations – every aspect of the home can be compromised: water and sewage, the home’s windows, its cabinetry, the electrical system, the basement, and more. In other words, any flaws in the foundation or mistakes made during its installation will worsen from the ground up. The term for this is compounding defects: one defect leads to another defect and so on.
A flawed foundation also can be dangerous to the people who dwell inside a home. The foundation must be able to carry the “dead” weight – the structure itself. Yet, it also must be strong enough to carry the “live” weight – everything homeowners will add to their houses as years go by, including structural attachments. If the foundation cannot bear these various types of weight, then the home truly can be dangerous. Also, Mother Nature plays a part with flooding, soil

Rock Foundations of Fenton, Michigan, has been expertly installing the highest quality foundations for years. Strong foundations require skillfully placed footings, which are of crucial importance to foundation construction. Usually made of concrete with rebar reinforcement, footings are poured into an excavated trench. They support the foundation and prevent sinking and settling. Thus, the knowledge and expertise of Rock Foundations are critical for outstanding results.
February: On the Second Month of 2021 . . .

As temperatures begin to rise, and the land and air warm, months of accumulated snow begin to melt. As the melting waters swirl around homes, looking for entrance, any crack or crevice to do their damage, homes across the state will suffer. It is at this time homeowners will truly know whether they have done enough to prevent flooding in their basements. Did they take some or all of the steps below?

– Cleaning gutters. Fall is the perfect time to attend to a home’s integrity. While there are many items on a fall to do list, one is cleaning gutters. Of utmost importance is clearing the gutters of sticks, accumulated leaves, bird nests, rodents, insects, and any other debris.

– Taking care of foundations and roofs. Once gutters become obstructed, rainwater cannot drain to its intended and safe destination.

– Addressing poorly insulated foundations. Many things lead to basement flooding and damage: clogged gutters, but also improper yard drainage, inordinate amounts of snow and rain, and sewer backups. Flooding also may be caused by gradual water damage on the exterior of the home, an abundance of water spilling down from the roof and pooling due to powerful rainstorms, the spring snowmelt, and leaking around windows.

– Properly waterproofing or damp-proofing the home. The experts at Rock Foundations should be called immediately when damage occurs; however, it’s best to avoid flooding in the first place. For many years, it has been required of homes throughout Michigan that proper waterproofing or damp-proofing products be installed. Not only walls should contain water or damp-proofing products, but the drain tile systems at the footers of the walls also should contain these products.

March: On the Third Month of 2021 . . .

Despite the pandemic and its many effects, in fall 2020, single-family housing starts grew, and this bodes well for the building industry this spring. With this good news comes decision-making. Builders, business owners, and others constructing new homes and buildings will choose the contractors and subcontractors responsible for these new projects. One crucial decision regards the highly important task of excavating and trenching. Trenching involves digging and removing dirt and debris from a property. Trenching is crucial to a construction project. For those new to this important step, trenching is a specific type of excavation technique. It allows builders to install foundation footings, underground pipes, and cables. They are able to position underground utilities that are more fragile and easily broken like telephone lines and water and gas mains. Thus, trenches are an important part of all types of construction projects. Further, their maintenance is crucial to the integrity of an infrastructure. However, this work is perilous. Therefore, builders, business owners, and anyone planning on building a structure should turn to the area experts: Rock Foundations of Fenton, Michigan.

April: On the Fourth Month of 2021 . . .

As the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” Yes, March 20 – June 20 is a glorious time of year known as spring. The months of March through June provide much good: loads of sunshine, fresh breezes, welcome temperatures, longer days, and flowers, flowers, flowers. It also provides an abundance of water. Spring is the rainiest season in the Northern Hemisphere. No one wants to spend summer repairing their home, so it’s best to protect the foundation in the spring. Fortunately, there are steps homeowners can take to minimize damage and thus expenses. The end result is a home that is structurally strong and safe for all its inhabitants. Spelling the word SPRING, here are six ways homeowners can protect their foundations in the spring: S: Search for debris that may cause blockages and thus problems. P: Plant trees safely away from the home’s foundation. R: Raise your flowerbeds by adding mulch. I: Inspect for drainage problems. N: Notice cracks and gaps in the sheetrock in the exterior brick of your home. G: Grade your landscaping properly.

May: On the Fifth Month of 2021 . . .

In the spring, rain, humidity, condensation, moisture – use any term – can take up residence in a home. Water over weeks, months, and then years begin to take its toll:

– A strange, musty smell that becomes a permanent addition to the home.
– Floors that are no longer even.
– Cracks beginning to show on the outside of the home.
– Window frames with gaps.
– Mildew and mold popping up in places around the basement.
– Cracks and crevices appearing in basement walls.
– Basement flooring beginning to sink.
– Soil around the base of the home beginning to sink.
– Shifting of the overall home.

When repairing a home with these problems, people should contact the experts: Rock Foundations. This type of work -finding leaks, repairing all cracks and crevices, and installing waterproofing foundation – is what Rock Foundation provides. Rock Foundations employs only the mostly highly trained and skilled employees – professionals who have spent their careers fixing water issues and preventing them in the first place with expertly installed foundations. Rock Foundations, which has served Fenton and surrounding communities for years, provides topnotch service. They are prompt, reliable, knowledgeable, and highly skilled. People in the area know that Rock Foundations is the company to call for water problems or to provide damp-proofing products. Rock Foundations even will inspect basement walls, crawl spaces, and drain tile systems. Further, people building new homes should request that their builders use the expert services of

Rock Foundations. Its proud reputation for quality and dependability is known throughout the area.

June: On the Sixth Month of 2021:

Homes are a prized possession – the most valuable asset for many people. They spend time, energy, and money throughout the years updating their homes. Yet, many people overlook the maintenance required to have a safe and secure home. And a house’s foundation is easy to overlook. Especially if hidden behind Prairie Roses and various other plants and flowers.
Over the winter months, frozen ground expands and puts pressure on basements and foundations. When cold spells are lengthy, the ground continues to expand – so do the effects on houses. Then, in the spring, the season’s many rain showers mix with the soil that surrounds people’s homes. The soil becomes over saturated. This waterlogged dirt creates a significant amount of pressure and stress on a foundation and the walls of people’s homes. Add this to soil that already may be saturated from the melted snow, and problems can occur. Further, the heavy precipitation that is common to April, May, and early June also creates flooding in basements as well as cracks.

This situation takes place year after year, wearing down the foundation after many winter snowmelts and spring rainfalls. Additionally, during the transition from winter to spring, when snow and rain combine with freezing temperatures, cement and concrete can face considerable damage. The result? Small and large cracks, moisture infiltrating basements, mildew, and even dangerous mold. This situation only worsens as time passes. Thus, every spring, these problems can grow and become more serious. Now that it is springtime, it is the perfect time to inspect homes for these cracks and all other foundation and basement damage. The best course of action is to contact Rock Foundations. They are the area experts at analyzing, diagnosing, and fixing these problems.

July: On the Seventh Month of 2021 . . .

For Michiganders living under umbrellas and constantly scooping water off decks, awnings, and flower pots, the upcoming forecast is welcome news. Drier and warmer weather is on the horizon. Yes, the state will still experience some rainfall, but it is forecasted to be on the lighter side. Drier days are ahead. Unfortunately, though, the damage inflicted by days of heavy rain is not over. As residents transitioned through the seasons, they experienced isolated storms and significant rainfalls. The standing water created by inches of rain has caused significant problems for many homes and especially their foundations.

Water can have a serious impact on homes, affecting them in a variety of ways; one is harming foundations and basements. So, how to prepare for sustained rainfalls? First, homeowners should make sure their gutters are functionally properly. Gutters must be cleared of all debris: branches, nests, leaves, etc. Further, every home should have a waterproofing system. An effective system will prevent standing water from making its way into homes. Additionally, homes should have the proper grading. Landscaping should slope away from a home and not towards it. Homeowners should aim for landscaping that is at least six inches below the top of their foundations. When many homes were constructed, the grading was most likely correct. However, over time, soil began to shift and settle. It also settled lower than its surrounding soil. So, water will pool in the depression around the foundation and settle into the soil. When this occurs, it is time to regrade the yard or alter the landscaping more significantly. However, even with all of these precautions and actions, sustained rain and standing water can cause damage that requires expert intervention. In such cases, homeowners should turn to Rock Foundations of Fenton, Michigan, the best foundation company in the area.

August: On the Eighth Month of 2021:

A home is largely considered to be old if it is more than fifty years. If it was constructed in the 1920s, it is considered antique. These homes, while lovely, were built during time periods that did not have access to modern building practices and materials such as plastics and concrete for foundations. Some older homes simply rest on smooth rocks. There are homeowners who wish to maintain historical aspects of their homes’ antiquity; that also presents challenges. So, along with the charming nostalgia of vintage homes comes several problems. One is foundation issues.

The quality of an older foundation is based on several factors. Where the home is located, the era in which it was built, the quality of materials used and craftmanship employed, as well as the climate it endures all influence an aging foundation. Yet, at some point, all older homes will experience some type of foundation-related complication. When they do (cracking, unevenness, water leaks, sinking, shifting, and settling, bucking and bowing, and excessive moisture), experts should be called immediately. The top expert in the area for responding to foundation problems is Rock Foundations of Fenton, Michigan. Rock Foundation is the best foundation company in the area, having served Fenton and the surrounding community for years.

September: On the Ninth Month of 2021 . . .

Spelling the word AUTUMN, here are six ways homeowners can prepare their homes and foundations for the fall and winter months to come. A: Analyze the home’s water drainage systems. U: Understand that debris can cause many problems, so homeowners should work diligently to remove all debris and also what is causing debris to pile up. T: Take heed to encapsulate crawl spaces. U: Utilize the overall expert services of Rock Foundations. M: Masonry needs attention. N: Notice cracks and gaps.

October: On the Tenth Month of 2021 . . .

Halloween is fast approaching: a fun and scary time that signifies winter is on the way. It’s a playfully spooky time; however, other aspects of October’s end are not so fun. Winterization is also on the calendar. It’s that time of year when a thorough home inspection is recommended and winterizing is a must. Preparing a home for the icy winter months should be on everyone’s to-do list. As winter nears, many people may begin prepping in a variety of ways. Yet, an overlooked item is a home’s foundation. However, a structurally sound and secure foundation is of utmost importance. So, first on the to-do list is a thorough inspection.

November: On the Eleventh Month of 2021 . . .

People might think that winter is not a good time for a home inspection and to make repairs. However, it is important not to let problems fester and grow into even worse issues. When spring arrives and the snow and ice melt, the thawing water can enter the home through the cracks and holes. This causes even more damage to the home’s exterior and interior. There is no need to wait. Rock Foundations can make repairs any time during the winter months. So, homeowners
should take this time to do some inspecting and call Rock Foundations if anything seems amiss. With Rock Foundations of Fenton, Michigan, on the job, every home will be secure, and the holidays truly will be jolly.

December: On the Twelfth Month of 2021:

It has been an outstanding year serving all of our customers in the Fenton area and beyond. Going forward into 2022, Rock Foundations is here for you to take care of your homes. We are just a phone call away! At Rock Foundations, we wish you all the best for a joyful holiday season!

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