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Whether a Two-story or Tudor, Protect Your Greatest Investment

Mary Jo Ridgeway eased her car into the driveway, her beloved Tudor-style home up ahead. Nestled in a grove of pine trees, the historic brown and beige home with a deep red front door was a true beauty. Mary Jo and her husband Jim purchased the decades-old home ten years ago. Yes, they had to invest money in numerous renovations and upkeep, but to the couple, it was worth it.

They loved the unique home’s Tudor features: lovely timber work, numerous rectangular and bay windows, the three roof gables, and, of course, its river rock stone chimney. Mary Jo and Jim felt they were living in a work of art. However, as the couple, freshly tanned from a vacation in Cancun, sat down at their kitchen table, the talk turned more serious.

“Have you looked at our foundation lately,” Ted asked. “Before we left, I was outside cleaning sticks after that storm and noticed some cracking in the foundation, especially one large crack.”

“Oh, no,” Mary Jo responded. “I didn’t see that. Is it really bad?”

“Well, I’m concerned that if we don’t get on it, the foundation is really going to go bad. Then it’s going to cost a lot more. Not to mention flooding. The whole time we were on vacation, I kept praying the temperatures back home didn’t rise lol. I didn’t even want to think about all the melting snow in our beautiful finished basement. Honestly, I’m kind of worried to even go downstairs right now because of what I’ll find.”

“Let me go,” Mary Jo said. “I’ll take a look.”

Mary Jo descended the carpeted stairs and made her way to the couple’s basement – complete with bar and wine cellar. They had put a lot of money into the basement over the years. The thought of it flooding began to worry Mary Jo. She walked around the basement looking for any issues. Suddenly, in the northwest corner, she saw some water trickling down the wall in a few places. It wasn’t terrible – at least right now – but she knew the problem could worsen. She went upstairs and told Jim what she saw.

Tim put on his coat and went outside. He was happy that the temperatures were going up – forty degrees felt great – but he could see the snow melting all around. In fact, near the northwest corner, Ted spotted a large pool of water that abutted the house. As he walked closer, Jim could tell the larger crack he spotted earlier had widened a bit. It also seemed like some other small cracks were forming between the stones in the stucco foundation. Jim knew when he bought the house, it was older – built around World War II – and had foundation issues over the years. The storybook home with its medieval feel made Mary Jo and Jim fall in love with it instantly. However, they did not love the upkeep of a historic home. After a bit more surveying of that corner, the area of the home that takes the brunt of harsh weather, Jim headed back in.

“So, what did you see? What did you find out,” Mary Jo asked.
“The northwest corner isn’t looking too good. Small cracks and a larger crack. It’s clear that water is getting in. And there is a large pool of water nearby. I need to grade the yard this spring to make the water flow away from the house. But we definitely need to call someone to repair the foundation and just check it out thoroughly,” Jim said.

“I have just the company to call,” Mary Jo responded. “Rock Foundations of Fenton, Michigan. Before we left on vacation, I was at lunch with my book club friends, and they were talking about this very topic. One of the ladies was having foundation problems. Anyway, she recommended Rock Foundations. Then a couple of the other women said they also had used Rock Foundations for various issues. One lady even had Rock Foundations install her basement for her new home. They all had really good things to say.”

“That sounds good,” Jim said. Let me Google them and see the reviews. After a moment, Jim had pulled up the Google reviews, and Rock Foundations had over 60 great comments! The latest said:
Don and the team at Rock Foundations were professional, punctual, and helpful. I hired Rock Foundations for my new home construction with a full basement and trench footings. I had made some requests along the way, which Joe and the wall team were able to make happen! It’s good to see people who take pride in their work. Rock Foundations will be who I refer my family and friends to and will be using them again in the future.

A reviewer named Kyle gave the company a perfect score – five stars – and had this to say:

“I have been in the building business for over 43 years. Those in the business know what I am talking about when I say, “You just get used to the rudeness of the trades and them thinking we, the builder, have to worship them.” Rock Foundations is a breath of fresh air! Polite … on time … clean … understanding … always available. Their workmanship was above and beyond what I expected, and my lot was not an easy accessed lot, and they never complained. Out of all the trades needed to build a house, Rock Foundations is one of maybe three other trades that I would put my reputation on the line for. Thank you, Don and Larry. You guys are a class act (even your vehicles were ALWAYS clean … lol).”

“Wow,” Jim said, “these reviews are really good. I’m going to call Rock Foundations right now.”

He dialed the number, and the phone was answered immediately by a friendly, caring voice. After explaining the situation for a few minutes, an appointment was scheduled for later that week. The receptionist put Jim through to a Rock Foundations’ team member who was extremely knowledgeable and concerned. He said, “I’m going to come over tomorrow morning. I don’t want the situation to get worse.”

Once he got off the phone, Jim went into the living room and told Mary Jo about the conversation.

“That was a great call,” Jim said. “The people I talked to were very friendly but also knew their stuff. I think we made the right decision in calling Rock Foundations.”

The next morning, true to his word, a punctual Rock Foundations’ team member met Jim in the driveway. They talked, and then the team member made a thorough inspection of the home:

  • the complete foundation
  • property grading all around the home
  • trees near the foundation and their visible root systems
  • landscaping around the home and runoff
  • gutters
  • downspouts
  • yard drainage
  • insulation
  • the home’s waterproofing
  • sinking or shifting soil
  • pooling water
  • mold

After the inspection, Jim and the Rock Foundations’ team member had a lengthy, in-depth conversation about his findings and the plan to solve the foundation issues. He was professional, punctual, thorough, and knowledgeable. Jim knew their beloved home would be in good hands with Rock Foundations. After the crew member left, Jim went inside to share the solid plan with his wife.

Rock Foundations of Fenton, Michigan, has been expertly repairing foundations for years. Strong, long-lasting foundations require the knowledge and expertise of Rock Foundations. Spring is on its way, and with it comes rising temperatures and melting snow. This is the perfect time to contact Rock Foundations. Finding leaks and other foundation-related problems and repairing them expertly is what Rock Foundations does. Their team is highly professional and knowledgeable with an outstanding reputation. All of their materials are of the highest quality.

Whether it is a Cape Cod, ranch, two-story, Colonial, or much-loved historic Tudor home, Rock Foundations of Fenton, Michigan, will treat it with the care it deserves. So, contact Rock Foundations today and make your home safe and secure for years to come!

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