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Spring Rains, While Needed, Can Damage Your Home

“In the spring rain, the pond and the river become one. Into every life some rain must fall.”
-Langston Hughes

Most everyone enjoys a beautiful running river. Most everyone enjoys a gentle pond. However, in spring, when rain after rain after rain falls, the two – river and pond – often become one. No one enjoys this. Spring rains can wreak havoc on human beings and their homes. Franklin and Theresa Smith know this all too well.

One spring, after Michigan had experienced serious rainfall after more serious rainfall, rivers and ponds were definitely becoming one. Yards had pockets of small ponds, and water was finding its ways into homes across the state. Homeowners began noticing the soil around their homes sinking. They witnessed small cracks in their foundations and around their window frames. They smelled a mustiness in their basements and crawl spaces. Some experienced mildew and mold cropping up in various places where moisture had taken hold.

All of the telltale signs of water seepage were evident.

Franklin and Theresa were concerned, especially after seeing mold in some basement cracks. Mold is not only unhealthy in various ways but mold spores – a fungi – can even be deadly. Mold is troublesome as it affects human health. It can cause allergy-like symptoms. People in the home may become congested, perhaps chronically, and experience coughing, sneezing, runny noses, and Rhinitis. They may attribute these symptoms to outside allergens when the culprit – mold – is literally right under their noses.

Mold also can cause respiratory problems. Homeowners who are exposed to mold may not only experience allergic reactions but also asthma symptoms, even asthma attacks and lung issues. Mold also can cause eye and throat irritation and skin issues. Some may even suffer the disease hypersensitivity pneumonitis. This condition has been associated with exposure to indoor mold. It mostly affects people with weakened immune systems. Flu-like symptoms may present themselves and be recurring.

So, Franklin and Theresa had reason to be concerned. Franklin suffered from asthma, and Theresa had a weakened immune system after battling – and winning – a breast cancer fight years earlier.

After noticing the mold and realizing they were also experiencing some flu-like symptoms, they knew they had to get to the bottom of the problem. Franklin had been having a hard time breathing and was even wheezing occasionally. So, they put on their spring coats and headed out the front door to examine their home’s foundation.

Walking around their red brick, mid-century ranch home, Franklin noticed a low spot in the yard behind his house.

“Hey, come take a look at this,” he said to Theresa. “The soil has really sunk here. I don’t ever remember it looking like this.”

Theresa joined him, and the couple examined the low-lying ground. As they peered closer, they saw cracks in the foundation near a small pooling of water. Some of the cracks seemed quite large.

“Wow, I didn’t realize this was going on,” Franklin uttered. “I wonder how long this water has been getting in? We really need to get someone out here to take a look at this and fix this. This is way beyond me.”

“I agree,” Theresa said. “This is a job for experts. We can’t have any more water getting in the house. I’m really starting to wonder if your breathing problems are due to this water.”

“I’m going to call Rock Foundations of Fenton, Michigan, right now,” Franklin said. “People have recommended them. They are supposed to be very dependable and do great work.”

It’s true: Rock Foundations of Fenton is the best company in the area. Throughout mid-Michigan, people turn to Rock Foundations for water problems and damp-proofing products. When Rock Foundations visits a home, they will inspect the foundation fully, the landscaping around the home, problem soil areas, basement walls, drain tile systems, and crawl spaces. They will search until they find the source(s) of the problem and then diagnose how to fix it and make the needed repairs. People know they can count on Rock Foundations. The company is dependable and provides quality workmanship.

Rock Foundations also has highly trained and skilled employees. These are experts who for years have fixed water issues and prevented them with expertly installed foundations. People who have utilized the services of Rock Foundations know they are a company of integrity: reliable, skilled, and knowledgeable.

Franklin called Rock Foundations of Fenton and was pleased and surprised when they said they would visit his home in the morning. True to their word, they showed up in Franklin’s driveway at 9 am, ready to discern and solve the problems.

The two men walked the perimeter of the home, and the Rock Foundations team member took careful note of all he noticed: a large tree growing too close to the home; landscaping that did
not slope away from the home but actually sloped toward it; and gutters clogged with debris, making water dispense close to the home and not further out into the yard. The team member also noticed several cracks around the home’s foundation. After the thorough inspection, he sat down with Franklin and Theresa to discuss how to fix the water damage and also make changes in the landscaping to prevent future water problems.

It wasn’t long, and the Rock Foundations’ team had made all the necessary repairs. The Smiths were extremely pleased that the repairs took place so quickly. They even took to social media to express their gratitude:

Our home had some water problems, so we called Rock Foundations. We are so glad we did! They showed up right away and looked over our entire house. The guy was friendly and very knowledgeable. I knew my house was in the right hands. It didn’t take long, and he found out all the problems. Rock Foundations did a great job repairing my home. I would totally recommend them to anyone experiencing water damage or problems. Five stars! Thank you, Rock Foundations!

Spring will soon be upon us, and unfortunately, river and pond will sometimes become one. The people of Michigan will enjoy gentle rains but also angry rainstorms as well as melting snow. It’s both a lovely time and a concerning time as homeowners strive to keep their homes dry, safe, and secure. So, if people experience cracks in their foundations, seeping water, a musty smell, gaps around window frames and doorways, and even mildew and mold, they should contact Rock Foundations right away. Water infiltrating the home is not something to put off. It should be dealt with immediately. Then, homeowners can enjoy the beauty of spring – including refreshing rainfalls – and know their homes are airtight thanks to Rock Foundations.

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