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When Building a Home, Go with the Rock!

According to the March 2022 issue of Fortune magazine, “New home construction soars 22% as America finally starts building houses again. After a decade of construction that has failed to meet demand, homebuilders are stepping up their efforts to match the red-hot U.S. housing market.” Most anyone who has been looking for a home or considering building one knows that the housing marketing has been challenging for some time. So, it’s great to hear that the home building news in 2022 is positive.

According to the article, “New home construction starts jumped 6.8% in February, and a whopping 22% compared with the same time a year ago. That’s the fastest growth rate in building since 2006, according to Census data released on Thursday. New housing construction with five or more units was even more robust, rising 37.3% compared with 2021, while housing completions also jumped 5.9% from January and 2.8% from a year ago. Building permits continue to be a sore point for construction companies, falling 1.9% from January. But they still managed a 7.7% jump compared with last year, Census data showed.”

Again, this is welcome news. And as people begin making plans to build new homes, one important decision they and their contractors have to make involves the choice of a foundation company. The foundation and footings of a home are extremely important as they carry the weight of the house and provide structural integrity and safety for decades to come. So, the choice of a foundation company is the most important decision a future homeowner and contractor can make. This is why so many people in mid-Michigan choose Rock Foundations of Fenton, Michigan.

Rock Foundations has served Fenton and its surrounding communities for years. It has provided area builders a highly skilled and experienced team of professionals who create outstanding foundations. Over and over, Rock Foundations receives the highest marks and stellar reviews about its ability to create solid, long-lasting foundations. The company has been working with builders for years installing foundations while relying on the safest procedures and most up-to-date equipment in the industry.

Installing a foundation that will safely support a home for years to come requires the knowledge, skill, and experience only experts like Rock Foundations can provide. When they are hired, following are the procedures that these craftsmen undertake.

  • Soil Analysis. Once the ground is excavated to a certain depth, many different types of soil may be present. Thus, the soil must be analyzed. Will it shift? Will it support the foundation? Is it hard and dense or soft and loose? Is it wet or muddy? Has this site been excavated before? Is there evidence of water seepage? There are many soil aspects that the experts at Rock Foundations will analyze to make sure that the soil can support the home for decades. That is why this work is best left to experts. Building a home in the wrong conditions can lead to a variety of problems down the road, from shifting soil to even collapse. It is crucial that Rock Foundations be contacted to make sure the home is built on the best possible foundation.


  • Thorough Survey. Rock Foundations also will completely survey the area. They will ascertain the soil’s stability in a variety of ways. Soil can be impacted by vibrations from nearby buildings, equipment, vehicles, and other building projects. All of these can play a part in the structural integrity of a new foundation. So, Rock Foundations thoroughly analyzes the property and nearby concerns that might affect the stability of the ground before installing a foundation.


  • Locating Utilities. Rock Foundations will find all utilities buried on the site. They will contact the appropriate companies to mark their locations. Further, Rock Foundations will investigate all power lines on the site and their impact on the work to be done.


  • Chemicals Check. Another important step in laying a safe foundation is checking for chemicals like gas and other vapors that could be dangerous. Before work proceeds, Rock Foundations makes sure that the site is safe for its workers and the future residents.


  • Footings Installation. Then, of course, is the installation of the footings. Rock Foundations has over 50 years of experience installing footings, whether they are Earth-formed, Spread, or Grade-Beam. Rock Foundations is also highly skilled in Helical Pier foundations. Their footing team is the best in the area. It utilizes lasers to ensure that every corner and elevation is exactly to plan as well as level and plumb. Rock Foundation does everything to detail, so builders and homeowners can be assured that the foundation is precise.


  • Poured Walls and Foundations. Rock Foundations is also extremely skilled at pouring walls and foundations. Their team completes this work daily and is thus highly experienced. The walls poured by Rock Foundations will be permanent, providing strength and stability for years. They build walls up to 20 feet high. The company utilizes wood forms and new aluminum forming systems. Because they use these systems, Rock Foundations can build very high walls and walls required by the architectural plans. Further, the company builds large retaining walls that will keep everything secure. Rocks Foundations is the best area in the company for poured walls and foundations.


These are the safety precautions and steps that Rock Foundations undertakes to make sure a home is built on solid conditions in the best possible way. Their goal is to create the highest functioning foundation and walls for a home of integrity, one that is safe and secure for its owners. “Go with the Rock” is a motto often repeated in the area as Rock Foundations is well known for being the best in the business. Having a safe home of integrity requires an outstanding company with years of experience and developed skill.

So, if you are a contractor or someone planning on building a home, Go with the Rock – Rock Foundations of Fenton, Michigan. Build a home that will be structurally sound for generations. The Rock will never let you down!

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