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We Love Our Spring Guest – Mostly

Dear Spring:

Hi, it’s Michigan! First, we want to say that we are all extremely grateful you are here! We have waited so many dark and dreary months for your arrival, anxious for your wonderful personality and all that comes with it. Flying colorful kites, boating, barbecuing burgers on the back deck, taking walks down leafy trails, and the crack of the bat against the ball. It’s been mostly lovely since your arrival. And, while you are a bit of a volatile guest with all your ups and downs – 90 degrees one day and 50 and rainy another – we welcome you! 

However, let’s be honest, shall we? You’re not the perfect guest. Despite your warmth, you’re also wet and windy. We hope we are not being too candid in broaching the fact that you also do a bit of damage while you are here. Because you are so enjoyable, we overlook a lot. But let’s talk about the rain – all that water! Really? Do you have any idea what all your precipitation does to our Michigan homes? Again, we love you, but let’s clear the air. In the spirit of full disclosure, this is what we have been dealing with:

  • Clogged gutters from all debris caused by your sunshine and rain. Trees and flowers are blossoming. While wonderful, leaves, bark, twigs, and flowers are finding their way into our gutters. Also, the birds have returned. With them come nests. I know we shouldn’t blame you for the return of the Robins and Blue Jays, but I think we can both be honest in admitting that you do play your part. Anyway, our gutters are full of all means of items, and this is leading to water pouring down the sides of our homes. We both know water should flow down a waterspout and away from a home. But it is quite difficult to keep these gutters clear! 
  • Now that we have water pouring down the sides of houses, we find it is pooling. Why is this bad, you ask? Well, pooling water is finding its way into our homes! Through every little nook and cranny, every fissure and crack come cold, spring water. Yes, we love water. Let’s not debate that. But in our homes? No! This pooling water is damaging our foundations! Cracks are widening. New cracks are forming.  It’s causing all kinds of havoc! To be fair, you’re probably unaware. You are probably too consumed with your warm winds and gentle breezes to give a thought to the harm you cause. (Sorry if that sounds harsh, but we need to air this out.) So, let’s get really real for a moment.
  • As water enters our homes, it will soak every item it encounters. Nothing is safe. For example, books and photos will be ruined. Carpet and upholstery will quickly absorb this unwelcome intruder and suffer damage. Also, floors and drywall will be victim as they soak up the water. Then there comes the possible swelling of window frames and doors as well as furniture. Wallpaper and paint also can be affected. More serious is damage to wood beams, insulation, and electrical systems.
  • Water can cause this and all other means of damage. It can lead to shifting foundations. When this occurs, numerous effects are the result. Homes experience doors that won’t shut, cracks along walls and ceilings and in wood and tile floors, uneven window frames, and possibly slanted staircases. A shifting foundation means most anything in the home can be affected!  
  • And that’s not all; water in the home can lead to mold! As water sneaks its way in, it creates a perfect environment for mold spores like Cladosporium, Penicillium, and Aspergillus to grow and proliferate. These spores will grow in wood, ceiling tiles, cardboard, paper, walls, pipes, plants, insulation, drywall, upholstery, wallpaper, and carpet. This is what we are dealing with, Spring! Mold that damages our homes in every way.
  • Worse, mold can cause sickness and even death! Some people are very sensitive to mold, especially those with asthma. The effects can be more mild symptoms like red or itchy eyes and skin as well as stuffy noses and wheezing. However, for those with asthma, compromised immune systems, lung problems, or other health issues, mold can be quite dangerous, like fever, shortness of breath, severe coughing, respiratory issues, and even morbidity. According to a 2004 study by the Institute of Medicine, “There was sufficient evidence to link indoor exposure to mold with upper respiratory tract symptoms, cough, and wheezing in otherwise healthy people; with asthma symptoms in people with asthma; and with hypersensitivity pneumonitis in individuals susceptible to that immune-mediated condition.” Further, in 2009, the World Health Organization revealed that mold can cause asthma in children. 

So, spring, we know this letter has probably been a bit of a shock to you, maybe even a downer. But we needed to speak honestly. Yes, we truly care for you, but your stay does leave us with problems that must be addressed. Fortunately, we have another good friend in Rock Foundations of Fenton, Michigan.

Rock Foundations is the best foundation company in the area. It has been expertly repairing foundations for many years, so our Michigan homes can stay intact and be safe and secure for our families. Long-lasting and secure foundations are created from the skill and expertise of Rock Foundations. They find the water leaks and all of the resulting problems and repair them. Rock Foundations has a superb reputation for being extremely professional, prompt, thorough, and expert in repairing foundations.  

Because we think so highly of Rock Foundations doesn’t mean that we love you less, Spring. But we all need a variety of friends in this life. While you bring warmth and happiness (mostly), Rock Foundations provides safety and security for our loved ones. We need you both. 

So, hopefully this letter finds you well. Also, without being too pushy, we would like more sunshine and less precipitation lol! Please take care of yourself as we know summer is coming soon (with all of its own issues – heaven help us ha ha). But we will rest easy knowing that we have Rock Foundations of Fenton, Michigan, as our good neighbor to make the repairs! Stay warm!

Best wishes!


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