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Like a Rock: Rock Foundations is ROCK Solid

“I’d never felt that strong, Like a rock, Carrying the weight, Like a rock”

-Bob Seger

“Like a Rock” by Bob Seger is an iconic American song that expresses the qualities of downhome strength and dependability. According to one writer, “Bob Seger always seemed more like a regular guy than a rock star, and this moving song about pride and consistency struck a chord with working class Americans who could relate to him. Seger grew up in Michigan, paid his dues with constant touring, and stayed true to his roots. Seger was 40 years old when this song was released, and there was a wisdom to his words that appealed to his audience.”

Like Seger, Rock Foundations of Fenton is also a staple of Michigan, and it too stands for strength and dependability. The company, which has been a proud member of the area for years, has a powerful reputation as being the best in the business. It also has pride in its reliable service that has helped families live in safe and secure homes for years. Rock Foundations is the area expert in footings, poured walls, waterproofing, and trenching. In fact, the company has completed over 3,100 foundations and served over 1,100 customers in nine counties! Rock Foundations services Genesee, Oakland, Macomb, Wayne, Washtenaw, Livingston, Shiawassee, Ingham, and Saginaw counties.

According to the company’s website, its “leadership has 46 plus years of ground work experience in southeast Michigan. Add in our crew foremen, and you have an additional 137 plus years of expertise and know-how in poured walls.” That’s 183 years of combined experience! Clearly, Rock Foundations of Fenton is the counties-wide rock!

When Fred and Marilyn Nichols were building their new dream home, they talked to many people. The couple wanted their retirement home, one that they had saved many years for, to be safe for decades to come. Over and over, they heard the same endorsement: Rock Foundations.

For one reason, the company uses laser accuracy to make a home’s foundation level. This degree of accuracy will support the home or business, providing stability and permanence. Also, their laser accuracy means the company can execute a plan precisely. The company can form concrete from one foot to twenty feet high in any configuration. Moreover, poured concrete walls are quite important for several reasons. 

Concrete walls are advantageous when it comes to any home or professional building project. Expertly poured walls are functional but also provide beauty. Concrete coupled with good design adds not only strength and safety but a good look that makes the finished project more valuable.  

Further, concrete walls are superior to many other buildings materials. They are low maintenance, durable, and more energy efficient than other materials. Additionally, following natural disasters, repair costs are less because concrete is so durable. This also can lead to lower insurance costs. A well-poured concrete wall will last for years and need very little maintenance. 

Concrete is also energy efficient. Buildings made of concrete will store energy, thus lowering cooling and heating expenses. Further, concrete walls are better for the environment as they are emission-free. They do not emit any toxins or gases into the home or environment at large. Thus, when it comes to building materials, concrete has the lowest carbon footprint.

So, when Rock Foundations installs walls or provides any other service, customers know they are working with a reliable company and reliable products that are best for the environment. 

The Nichols also were pleased that concrete is locally produced. Most concrete is created within 100 miles of the project, so it is utilizing area resources and working with area businesses. This is good for everyone. The Nichols’ house design plan was somewhat unique, and Rock Foundations assured them that their beautiful design would be well supported by its team’s expertly poured walls. They are fully accustomed to working with special designs and concrete that is adaptable before it hardens. So, the Rock Foundation team can accommodate any home or business plan. 

Another aspect that drew the Nichols to Rock Foundations was its waterproofing systems and products, which are many. This is important as it means a structure will be safe and secure for years to come. The company relies on products from Michigan companies like DeWitt; also, Tremco products are used. Rock Foundations have expert installers who are certified and use Tremco products for an outstanding foundation that will last for generations. Additionally, Rock Foundations will install protection board and insulating products. This is important for new projects, but even existing structures can benefit from waterproofing products. Rock Foundations will inspect a home and determine what needs to be done to help that home become secure.    

After speaking with many friends and doing their research, the Nichols choose Rock Foundations to help construct their dream home. They also conducted online research and were pleased to see that the company had a great Google score and numerous positive reviews, like these:

“We used Rock Foundations as they offered the best value for our project.  We had difficult weather conditions and site elevation issues.  Rock Foundations was able to complete the project without delays.  We would definitely recommend them and use them again in the future.”

“I hired Rock Foundations for my new home construction with a full basement and trench footings. I had made some requests along the way which Joe and the wall team were able to make happen! It’s good to see people who take pride in their work.  Rock Foundations will be who I refer my family and friends to, and will be using them again in the future.”

“Starting each project off right is so important and is why we have stayed with Rock for years.  They meet their start date and beat their deadline to finish . . .  everyone at Rock communicates very well through all forms of communication.  Their attention to details ahead of time and amazingly talented people on site each day ensures their quality is top notch!  They are detail oriented and thoughtful about all aspects of the foundation from footings to drain tile and waterproofing. Lastly, they are super clean so your backfills are 100% ready when they leave.  Everyone at Rock is great to work with, and they seem to have fun while taking their jobs seriously at the same time.  It’s awesome having a great start to a project!” 

After reading these strong reviews and doing their own homework, the Nichols decided to go with Rock Foundations. They felt sure their future home would be in good hands. And, like the Bob Seger song, the poured walls by Rock Foundations could carry the weight. Rock Foundations is truly the area’s rock star and its work is “like a rock!”

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