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Poured Concrete vs. Concrete Blocks

Choosing the right foundation material is crucial to protecting your home. The two most common types of foundations are poured concrete and concrete blocks. Although both are great options, in certain situations one may make more sense than the other. Regardless of whether you choose poured concrete or concrete blocks, it is essential that you hire experienced professionals like Rock Foundations to give you the quality you want and the peace of mind you deserve.

Poured Concrete

Often referred to as a cast concrete foundation, this option uses wet concrete, which flows over and around an already-built framework of steel rods. It is then left to “cure” (or harden). Today poured concrete is the most popular type of foundation.

Reasons to consider poured concrete:

  • Strength: Poured concrete has more lateral strength and can hold up better against the forces of ground soil and water pressure.
  • Waterproof: Poured concrete is simpler to waterproof because there are no joints – unlike concrete blocks.
  • Customizable: You can create any shape wall or foundation with poured concrete.
  • Flexibility: While the poured concrete is curing, you have time to make last-minute changes if needed.
  • Efficiency: It’s typically quicker to pour a foundation than build with cinderblocks, so you could save time, and save money on labor.


Concrete Blocks

Unlike poured concrete, this foundation starts with concrete blocks. First, steel rods are placed horizontally and vertically along with blocks and woven into the spaces between them. Then, the rest of the space is filled with concrete gravel. This type of foundation is great for supporting heavy materials or buildings with many stories.

Reasons to consider concrete blocks:

  • Distance: Concrete blocks are a great option if trucking in wet concrete is logistically difficult, time-consuming or costly.
  • No Curing Problems: Unlike poured concrete, concrete blocks are not subject to possible spalling ( when the surface peels, crumbles or flakes off during curing).

At Rock Foundations, you can count on us to create a concrete foundation that provides longterm strength and safety. Contact us today to discuss your next project.

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