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Rock Foundations
Are your floors cold even when your furnace is at full blast? The culprit may be your crawl space. For those who are unfamiliar with crawl spaces, they are shallow structures installed directly into the dirt under a house. Similar to basements, crawl spaces need to be monitored regularly to ensure the safety of your home....
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Is the concrete underneath your home sinking? If so, you could be in danger of major structural damage. Whether you are a homeowner or a potential buyer, it’s important to recognize the signs of a damaged foundation and know how to go about fixing it. Causes of Foundation Damage There are a number of things...
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Choosing the right foundation material is crucial to protecting your home. The two most common types of foundations are poured concrete and concrete blocks. Although both are great options, in certain situations one may make more sense than the other. Regardless of whether you choose poured concrete or concrete blocks, it is essential that you hire...
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Rock solid foundations are important for houses and other residential buildings. The foundation lays the groundwork for everything that comes after and there are many factors to consider before work begins. To start, you need to determine what type of foundation works best for your land while offering your building structural support and the functionality...
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Welcome to Rock Foundations! We are your concrete foundation experts. Our leadership has 40+ years of ground work experience in southeast Michigan. Add in our crew and you have 125+ years of expertise and know-how in poured walls. You are in good hands with our skill in trenching, footings, and poured walls. Residential and commercial projects large and small, we are your go-to people.